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Who is sMed Global

sMed has been created by a group of Medical Experts itching to find the best solution for the complex Medical issues faced by the sector on a daily basis emphasizing the requirement for individuality and specialization providing vital solutions for the masses.

We have experts to supply medical solutions to enhance performance in healthcare – from the hospital to the home. Our purpose is to advance specialized solutions in healthcare across the island, so that healthcare professionals have what they need to achieve the best clinical solutions for the individual.

We have manaed to become one of the governments most trusted supplier in the medical segment.

Our  Essence

At its core the people of sMed Global simply want to give back. We achieve this by introducing exceptional healthcare professionals to exceptional medical solutions.  

Our Promise

With over 25 years’ experience in both private and public healthcare we understand what it means to deliver the highest quality of service to those on the frontlines of medicine.

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